By Mary Ellen Cagnassola

The air was thick with tension at the open hearing on the University’s budget last night at the College Avenue Student Center, where students, faculty and members of the Rutgers community made it clear how the University’s financial decisions directly affect them.

Photo by Ruoxuan Yang | Students hold posters protesting tuition hikes and increasing student debt at a budget hearing yesterday evening at the College Avenue Student Center.

The Union of Rutgers Administrators-American Federation of Teachers also made its presence known at the hearing, urging the BOG to freeze tuition and not faculty salaries.
Representatives highlighted several instances of what they feel are examples of unnecessary spending, citing the $1.2 million in severance pay to former basketball coach Mike Rice and former Athletic Director Tim Pernetti following the Mike Rice abuse scandal.

According to URA-AFT, Rutgers staff have seen salary freezes, increased health insurance and pension costs since 2008.

Lucye Millerand, president of URA-AFT, said that at the bargaining table, URA-AFT is repeatedly told that Rutgers cannot pay their salary package.

“We stay and work hard, but the Rutgers budget puts a higher priority on golden parachutes for coaches and executives who embarrass the University,” she said. “We’ve run the numbers, and we’re very sure that Rutgers has in reserves enough to raise salaries and freeze tuition.”


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