Study: Blended-hybrid learning is worst way to teach

Combining in-person and remote learning at the same time is the least preferable teaching option “because it’s exhausting for teachers … and all students appear to learn less this way,” writes The Hechinger Report’s Jill Barshay, citing a study published Jan. 6 in the Educational Researcher.

“Every teacher in our study was clear that being asked to teach in a blended-hybrid manner was the worst way to be asked to teach,” said Lora Bartlett, an associate professor of education at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in Barshay’s story.…

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Chiera talks COVID school safety on CNN

In a story posted Jan. 17 on New York magazine’s website, Jonathan Chait called out liberals for continuing to defend the “failed experiment” of COVID school closures during the 2020-21 school year. CNN on Jan. 18 discussed the issue with AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera and Cleveland-based writer and parent Angie Schmitt.

Asked by one of the hosts if an apology from progressives for their error in judgment is merited, Schmitt — who documented her disappointment with Democrats’ COVID school policies earlier this month in a story for The Atlantic — said she agreed.…

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Op-ed: Relevant content is the future of classrooms

In our everyday lives, people “are surrounded by curated content,” writes former social studies and ELA teacher Noah Dougherty. However, he adds, “the expectation that content could (or should) be relevant to every student often ends at the classroom door.”

“The good news is that relevant content, particularly for middle and high school students, is more readily available,” writes Dougherty, the CEO and co-founder of Relevant Learner.…

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Report: Schools skimp on history of Reconstruction

U.S. schools “are failing to teach a sufficiently complex and comprehensive history of Reconstruction,” write the three authors of a recent report produced by the nonprofit Zinn Education Project.

Ana Rosado, Gideon Cohn-Postar and Mimi Eisen came to their findings through analysis of such criteria as state standards, course requirements and district-level social studies curricula from 2019-21, while also surveying elementary, middle school and high school teachers across the country.…

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New section of N.J. DOE site has supports for more diverse, inclusive learning environments

The New Jersey Department of Education’s website now has an area called Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Educational Resources to assist school districts with incorporating those three areas into their curriculums.

“Our goal is to provide tools that educators can use to develop curriculum that highlights the contributions and experiences of individuals with diverse abilities, cultures, identities and perspectives,” said Dr.…

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Cardona: More COVID tests are coming soon to public schools

U.S. Education Secretary Dr. Miguel A. Cardona appeared Jan. 12 on “CBS Mornings” to talk about millions of additional COVID-19 tests coming soon to public schools nationwide.

“You’re going to see distribution of [COVID] tests as early as next week to make sure that our schools can stay open,” Dr. Cardona said.

Co-host Tony Dokoupil responded, “As of right now, you don’t have them stockpiled, but they’re going to be made in the next seven days?”…

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Opinion: Great Renegotiation is needed in education

As the American workforce undergoes what’s been dubbed The Great Resignation and The Big Quit, author and former educator Simon Rodberg says a Great Renegotiation is needed in the teaching profession to help prevent a tidal wave of teacher turnover.

“We need a system where we can treat teachers and other school staff like adult professionals who can, at least one day a week, manage their own lives and time,” Rodberg writes for EdSurge.…

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N.J. Senate, Assembly pass Responsible Collective Negotiations Act

The New Jersey Senate and Assembly on Jan. 10 passed S3810/A5862, officially described as the Responsible Collective Negotiations Act.

The Senate vote was 23-14, while the Assembly vote was 49-27-1.

“This is a big win for our state public unions to develop a system of negotiations without the threat of imposition,” said AFTNJ President Donna M.…

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Murphy: Mask mandate in N.J. schools will continue

The mask mandate for students, teachers and other personnel in New Jersey schools will continue. The mandate, part of last summer’s Executive Order No. 251, was due to expire Jan. 11.

“I want to be clear — by the way, with no joy … that the mask mandates in schools and day care centers will continue at least for the foreseeable future,” Gov.…

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Abeigon explains NTU’s position on remote learning

With the latest round of remote learning in Newark public schools set to end Jan. 18, Newark Teachers Union President John M. Abeigon has issued the following statement:

“This pandemic has tested every single person in Newark, and I have an extra degree of empathy for the working parents of the children who attend our city’s public schools.…

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Chiera: Extending N.J.’s school mask mandate is a must

With Gov. Phil Murphy’s school mask mandate (via Executive Order No. 251) due to expire Jan. 11, AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera has issued the following statement in support of extending the safety measure in New Jersey’s school buildings:

“As the omicron variant upends any progress New Jersey has made in the fight against COVID, our elected officials should be stepping up safety measures in our school buildings, not decreasing them.…

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Share My Lesson offers stress-solutions workshops

AFT’s Share My Lesson has a three-part program on stress solutions for educations that begins Jan. 11.

In the first session, instructor Catherine Zack will cover why mindfulness is a powerful tool for managing stress and also share three simple, mindful meditation techniques.

For more information on all three sessions (taking place Jan. 11, Jan. 25 and Feb.…

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Chiera discusses COVID’s toll on teachers with N.J. Senate Education Committee

AFTNJ President Donna M. Chiera was among the speakers Jan. 6 during a virtual meeting with the New Jersey Senate Education Committee, the last session with state Sen. M. Teresa Ruiz as its chair.

“COVID has become a political football,” Chiera said, “and depending on which district you’re with or in, if the parents in your district are up in arms about masks and vaccines, the students are coming into that classroom with that attitude.…

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