1. Promote statewide organization and unionization of teachers and all other personnel engaged in education in order to carry out the program and policies of the AFTNJ and the AFT.

2. Obtain for teachers and all other educational workers all the rights to which they are entitled as citizens and workers in a democracy and to protect these rights at all times.

3. Raise the standards of the teaching profession by securing conditions essential to the best professional service.

4. Secure for teachers and other educational workers a determining voice in the establishment and implementation of professional standards.

5. Promote the welfare of children by providing progressively better education opportunities for all, regardless of race, color, creed, gender and social, political, economic status, handicap or disability.

6. Fight all forms of bias in education due to race, gender, creed, and social, political, or economic status, or national origin.

7. Support and cooperate with organized labor and to promote within the autonomous locals of the AFTNJ policies and procedures consistent with the aims of organized labor.

8. Organize all teaching and educational personnel into the AFTNJ, both in private schools, public schools, charter schools, and in institutions of higher learning in the State of New Jersey.