AFTNJ Student Internship Grant

AFTNJ Student Internship Grant
Submitted by: Susanna Tardi, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
Revised: May 2021

Criteria and Compensation
In a post-Janus era, organizing students to increase awareness of campus, local, statewide and nationwide issues that impact higher education and their personal lives is crucial.  

Locals/chapters choosing to commit to training students shall be awarded a one-time payment of $1,000 to establish the training program and initiate the mentoring process. Prior submission by local/chapters of mentoring plans are ineligible to apply again for the $1,000. Every local/chapter is entitled to provide stipends for a maximum of two student interns at $1,800 per year ($900 per person per semester — 60 hours @$15 per hour).  

Student interns shall not be used to recruit full-time, part-time or adjunct faculty members.  They are being trained to organize students, understand the purpose and function of unions, and develop a liaison between the students and the locals/chapters at each respective college/university. The long-term goals are to establish student unions on each campus and have the student unions mobilize for common interests and concerns, and mobilize with the faculty and staff unions as well.  

Every local/chapter electing to participate in this grant must provide a grant proposal with a description of the activities in which the student intern(s) will be involved, the name(s) of the student intern(s), and the primary individual(s) who will assume responsibility for training and oversight of the student interns.


  • No later than June 15th prior to the fall semester in which the intern will be working, any local/chapter planning to mentor student interns must provide a letter of intent specifying the number of student interns that will be hired. 
  • No later than June 15th  in the fiscal year in which reimbursement is requested, any local/chapter requesting reimbursement for student internships must provide the reimbursement application, documentation of compensation payment, and a brief report (bulleted list) of what the student intern(s) accomplished. 
  • No later than August 15th prior to the academic year in which the intern will be working, the initial (one-time) submission of internship program plan is due.