Student interns are being trained to organize students, understand the purpose and function of unions, and develop a liaison between the students and the locals/chapters at each respective college/university.  The long-term goals are to establish student unions on each campus and have the student unions mobilize for common interests and concerns, and mobilize with the faculty and staff unions as well.  

Student interns shall not be used to recruit full-time, part-time or adjunct faculty members. Every local/chapter electing to participate in this grant must provide this application with all required information below no later than September 30, 2023. Application must be sent in a Word document.

Name of local/chapter:

Name/s of student interns (maximum 2):

(Compensation: $1,000 per student per semester; 30 hours per student per semester)

Name of student intern mentor:

(Compensation: $1,000 per semester) 

Description of the local/chapter student internship plan (if previously submitted does not need to be resubmitted):Note: After the local/chapter receives an update from the student intern/s approved by the mentor, a Student Internship Grant Reimbursement Application including documentation of payments made to the student intern/s and the mentor must be completed no later than June 15, 2024, and submitted to the AFTNJ Higher Education Executive Vice President: tardis (application available on AFTNJ website).