Higher Education Membership Retention Grant

Effective May 7, 2021

Locals/chapters are expected to bear the cost of programs and activities to engage and maintain members. This includes membership meetings and food costs, educational workshops/webinars, maintaining a membership database, etc.

This grant is intended to encourage locals/chapters to promote new and creative ideas to retain membership. This grant provides for a one-time award of $500 for programs or activities not already a part of a local’s/chapter’s standard operating procedures. This grant does not cover giveaways or gifts to maintain members, purchase of equipment necessary to maintain the functioning of a local/chapter or the copying of contracts for members.

If a local/chapter is unsure whether the program or activity will be reimbursed, preapproval should be requested by submitting a request to the divisional executive vice president.

Any local/chapter requesting the one-time $500 reimbursement for membership retention must submit their reimbursement application and documentation of costs expended to the divisional executive vice president no later than June 15th of the fiscal year in which the reimbursement is being requested.