Rutgers University’s Bob Barchi says he has no regrets. Here’s how the school has grown

Catherine Carrera, North Jersey Record

‘Antagonistic’ to the faculty?
On the academic side, Barchi has seen pressure mount to a near-strike from his unionized faculty.

Faculty and students stormed in on Board of Governors meetings throughout the past year demanding that Barchi meet their requests as contract negotiations ensued. In the spring, the largest union, representing 8,000 faculty members, threatened to strike if an agreement wasn’t reached by a certain date.…

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Critics again blast Rutgers over football program in wake of head coach’s ouster

Santana, NJTVNews

Among the biggest critics is the faculty union, claiming Rutgers — which spends $94 million a year on sports — has lost $200 million since joining the NCAA conference in 2014.

“Once again, we’re faced with a huge bill for someone to not work for Rutgers,” the union said in a joint statement with administrators at the school.…

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Rutgers staff shut out of presidential search committee, union says

Star-Ledger Guest Columnist, Kathryn Neal

The search for the next Rutgers University president is underway. There is only one problem: 13,000 unionized staff have been shut out of the 23-member search committee. Executives from Rutgers governing boards and management have 10 seats; faculty have 11; and students have two. The exclusion is deliberate and part of a long-term pattern of Rutgers management disregarding staff.…

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Who Should Be Rutgers Next President? Someone Who Prioritizes Carbon Neutrality, Staff Say

Catherine Carrera, North Jersey Record

The next president of Rutgers University should be someone willing to commit the school to carbon neutrality, according to staff and faculty who spoke at two recent town hall sessions that were part of the university’s process to choose a new leader.

“The number one priority for the next president of Rutgers is going to be to make Rutgers carbon neutral,” said Robert Scott, an associate professor in the anthropology department.…

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Rutgers President Robert Barchi Stepping Down After School Year

NJ 101.5


“We look forward to welcoming a new President who shares our commitment to a diverse, equitable Rutgers that serves the people of New Jersey. We hope the Board of Governors will prioritize faculty, student and staff engagement in the search for a new president who is committed to our values. We expect that President Barchi will complete his unfinished business, including finally settling the contract and equalizing policies for the hundreds of unionized medical school faculty on the Biomedical and Health Sciences campuses who have been working without a contract for over a year now,” Todd Wolfson, president of faculty labor union, Rutgers AAUP-AFT, said in a written statement.…

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Rutgers Gives Itself Great Report Card, Leader Of Faculty Union Differs

Sitrin, NJ Spotlight

Five-year report celebrates achievements in funding, construction and diversity; union official takes issue, particularly on tuition


“It’s a mixed bag,” David Hughes, professor of anthropology and vice president of the Rutgers American Association of University Professors-American Federation of Teachers faculty union said. “There are bright spots for which President [Robert] Barchi should take credit, but those are overwhelmed by his failures and his misunderstanding of public higher education.”…

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Part-Time Lecturers Ratify New Contract With Rutgers

Sitrin, NJ Spotlight

Union leader says next step is a fight for healthcare benefits for the university’s part-time lecturers

After prolonged and tense negotiations — and division within their union — part-time lecturers at Rutgers University voted to ratify a new contract agreement.

“It was a union priority, and a priority of our membership, to create a clear and direct career path, to end the cycle at Rutgers of hiring an army of adjuncts as interchangeable, temporary freelance employees,” Teresa Politano, president of the part-time faculty union said in an email on Friday after votes had been tallied.…

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Rutgers Scarlet Knights Running In The Red

Union standoff
Unions have been in a tense standoff with the school over contract negotiations, and they have turned some of their fire on the athletic department’s finances.

“The mission of the university, as I understand it, it is not to create a fine athletic institution. It is to create a fine academic institution,” said Christine O’Connell, president of the Union of Rutgers Administrators.…

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Part-Time Faculty At Rutgers Reaches ‘Groundbreaking’ Contract

Citrin, NJ Spotlight

Teresa Politano, president of the part-time faculty union called the contract “revolutionary” but noted that it is primarily a foundation on which they hope to build future contracts.

“We’re not just freelance employees anymore. Under this agreement we will become more integrated faculty members,” Politano said. “That’s a radical restructuring of the overall faculty system and a good foundation for future contracts.”…

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My salary at Rutgers was so low I had to declare bankruptcy at age 27, teaching assistant says

Alexandra A. Adams, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist

Although we narrowly avoided going on a teaching strike at Rutgers University, it has become clear that central administration does not recognize the tremendous value that teaching assistants like me — and graduate workers in general — actually bring to students and the future of the institution. I find it incredibly saddening that the opportunity to provide a public service in research and education is typically accompanied by incurring a tremendous amount of debt and— at least in my case — going bankrupt.…

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Rutgers Adjuncts Need $7,250 and Health Care, Not Contempt

To stand in solidarity with nearly 3,000 Rutgers Part-Time Lecturers, please read, sign, circulate and post to social media.

Adjuncts are not disposable; they are highly qualified educators who are central to student success at Rutgers and deserve fair wages and respect. We are in solidarity with Part-Time Lecturers in their fight for $7,250, health care and job security.…

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#RUReadyToStrike news coverage @ruaaup

Professor Strike Looms at Rutgers University Campus as Faculty Demands Equal Pay, More Diversity (Maxfield, NBC)

“We are in the same boat,” Deepa Kumar, a professor and union president, said. “We are fighting for affordable, quality public education. That is why so many students were out today.”
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During campus protest, Rutgers faculty threaten to strike (Carrera, North Jersey News)

“In the North Jersey and New York area we live in, the wages we have are not enough to live on,” said Soili Smith, a graduate worker.…

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Rutgers Adds $20 Million to Faculty Diversity Initiative

Colleen Flaherty,

Rutgers University president Robert L. Barchi on Wednesday pledged $20 million in additional funding for the systemwide Faculty Diversity Hiring Initiative. The current $22 million initiative to hire, mentor and retain professors from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds was set to expire in 2021 but will now continue through 2024.


Dozens of distinguished professors across the system signed a petition last month criticizing Barchi’s spending priorities.…

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Will strike for a living wage: Grads feel empowered by the union

Soili Smith has limited choices: She can work a $12-an-hour job and fail to pay her bills, risking eviction. Or she can take a higher-paying summer position that requires her to miss the last few weeks of classes and fly thousands of miles to northern British Columbia, where she’ll work 14-hour days in the bush.
Soili Smith

She chose the latter, since it’s really not much of a choice.…

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Tuesday: All Out For Fair Contracts At Rutgers

Rutgers unions are asking for support for fair contracts at Newark Tuesday, April 9 on the Newark Campus. Stop through to rally outside the Board of Governors meeting or attend the meeting and hear for yourself.

What We Are Fighting For Final Warning: Contract or Strike
what we are fighting for ruaaup 260 final warning 040919 260
Download >> Download >>

When: Tuesday, April 9, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Where: 350 MLK Blvd.,…

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