John Abeigon Newark Teachers Union

The head of Newark’s teachers’ union says the law is in place specifically to protect educators in politically charged districts like Newark from outside groups forcing their hand.

“These cases make millions of dollars for the law firms that defend them and the goal ultimately is to make millions of dollars for the corporate charter schools that they invest in,” said Newark Teachers Union President John Abeigon.

Abeigon admonished Newark Superintendent Chris Cerf for publicly supporting the lawsuit at a recent state Board of Education hearing, questioning how he’ll defend the district he represents if he’s philosophically aligned with the suit.

“These teachers were not found unsatisfactory by anyone other than the district. So when you have Chris Cerf and Cami Anderson, who for their argument they need to create a pool of unsatisfactory teachers, well that’s exactly what they did,” Abeigon said.


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