AFT President Randi Weingarten spoke by phone Nov. 23 with Zerlina Maxwell, co-host of the “Signal Boost” show on SiriusXM’s Progress channel, about education and the pandemic.

Here is some of what Weingarten had to say:

“I’m not giving up on the second semester of this year. … We’ve spent all weekend long kind of putting together what we think is like the 10 things that we need to do for schools — school buildings, not just for schools, but for school buildings — to be reopened in the spring.”

“We’ve been doing this backwards from the beginning. … Now the word ‘science’ has been used to mislead, as opposed to having a group of scientists, led by Dr. Fauci and others, who would actually give an unmistakable, constant message to Americans about what the science is.”

“I hope that we can get this spread until control. I hope that there can be more of the kind of targeted closing and opening instead of done by the whole city, like [New York Gov.] Andrew Cuomo had been doing with these red and orange and yellow zones … and see the same in other places, and so that they’ll try a regional approach.”

Listen to the full segment here:

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