Dear Public Education Supporter,
Please to ask your legislators to protect our school funding!
New Jersey Education Commissioner Cerf has proposed to cut state aid significantly for:

  • low-income children;
  • children who are learning English; and
  • children with special needs.

These cuts affect almost every school district in the state, especially since the number of low-income and immigrant children and children with special needs is growing all over New Jersey.
Commissioner Cerf’s proposed cuts would mean districts have to eliminate programs, staff and services or raise local property taxes.
The legislature can unilaterally block these proposed cuts just by voting to reject them. On Monday, January 28, the Legislature will take that vote.
Take Action: Please to ask your legislators to reject the Commissioner’s recommendations and protect school funding.
All of our children deserve access to a high quality public education, and our schools deserve the state aid to which they are entitled by law, in order to meet that goal. Our communities should not have to raise property taxes to make that possible.

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