Join the fight for your faculty and your future-Support a fair contract for RVCC faculty

Raritan Valley Community College runs best when the contributions of all members of the college community are valued and all are treated with respect. But our faculty are returning to the classroom this semester without a contract. This is unacceptable. 

The college celebrates its “top-notch, innovative, and devoted faculty” as one of the top five reasons students choose RVCC.…

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Please Sign and Share for a NJ That Works

If you believe that the rich can afford to pay a little more of the portion of their annual incomes above one million dollars, please write to your local legislators using this easy form. Ask them to support a budget that prioritizes the needs of citizens who work for a living and respects public workers such as teachers, college and university faculty and staff and healthcare workers.…

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Millionaires Tax Petition: Please Sign and Share

Budgets reflect priorities and demonstrate values. New Jersey legislators will have to decide whether to vote for a budget with a millionaires tax to help fund property tax relief for working families.

Across the country, millionaires are saving tens of billions from the President’s tax plan, while New Jersey’s working families are hampered by the cap of the State and Local Taxes deduction at $10,000.…

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Rutgers Adjuncts Need $7,250 and Health Care, Not Contempt

To stand in solidarity with nearly 3,000 Rutgers Part-Time Lecturers, please read, sign, circulate and post to social media.

Adjuncts are not disposable; they are highly qualified educators who are central to student success at Rutgers and deserve fair wages and respect. We are in solidarity with Part-Time Lecturers in their fight for $7,250, health care and job security.…

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Get Involved: Charter School Program Act Review

What impact have charter schools had in your district? What should state legislators and those responsible for regulating charter schools know as they consider changes to the law?

It has been more than twenty years since the enactment of the Charter School Program Act of 1995, the law establishing charter schools in New Jersey. The New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) is embarking in a statewide review of the charter law to gather public feedback to identify “which priorities are most important to those impacted by charter schools in New Jersey.”…

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FB Friends: Frame Your Profile

Make sure you Like AFTNJ on Facebook…

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Sticking To The Union

Regardless of how the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Janus v. AFSCME, I believe New Jersey’s union members know the value of relying on one another as active members of our unions. Whether we are teaching in an elementary-school or university classroom, counseling students, crunching numbers or keeping our campus safe and clean, AFT members support one another and express our collective professional voice through our union.…

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Ready to Work For A Cleaner, Greener New Jersey?

Delegates to AFTNJ’s 2018 convention resolved to advocate for environmentally-friendly measures to increase use of public transportation in the Garden State. The committee is now forming and chair Dan Aronson, economics professor from Raritan Valley Community College-AFT, is looking for members to get involved.

Aronson has been actively researching and writing about the potential for common ground between progressives and conservatives on labor and environmental issues.…

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Poor People’s Campaign relaunches

Thousands of people gathered in 35 state capitals, including Trenton, across the United States May 14, renewing an effort started by Martin Luther King Jr. to eradicate poverty, fight income inequality and end systemic racism. Led by the Rev. William Barber, the Poor People’s Campaign event kicked off a six-week schedule of nonviolent actions including rallies, organizing, civil disobedience and voter mobilization.…

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