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Regardless of how the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Janus v. AFSCME, I believe New Jersey’s union members know the value of relying on one another as active members of our unions. Whether we are teaching in an elementary-school or university classroom, counseling students, crunching numbers or keeping our campus safe and clean, AFT members support one another and express our collective professional voice through our union.



Selfie Campaign (Facebook and Twitter)

Please take a minute to print out one of the following letter-sized signs and post a photo to Facebook or Twitter tagging @AFTNJ to show your support and let the world know you are sticking to the union.

Download and Print (11 x 8.5)

which side are you on i-am-sticking-to-the-union-a-260 I-am-sticking-to-the-union-k-260
Which Side Are You On? Union Union
facebook Frame Your Profile (Facebook)

We have also created Facebook frames to add to your profile pic for a week, a month or forever to let your friends know where you stand on this important issue. Visit @AFTNJ and see the posts pinned to the top of the page then just click “Try It” to join the effort.

 Facebook like
Frame your Facebook profile pic
to show union pride and support for workers.Also, make sure you Like AFTNJ on Facebook.
twitter Tweet Your Support (Twitter)

Be creative, but here are a few sample Tweets and please include the hashtags #unionstrong #stickingtotheunion and tag @AFTNJ and @AFTUnion

Attach a photo or graphic

When union rights are under attack…what do we do? Stand Up, Fight Back! #stickingwiththeunion @aftnj @aftunion #aftALLin

You can’t scare me – I’m #stickingtotheunion for fairness, safety, better working conditions @aftnj @aftunion #unionstrong #aftALLin

What’s disgusting? Union-busting! A court can’t make or break our union #stickingwiththeunion @aftnj @aftunion #unionstrong #aftALLin

Educate yourself
The Janus case is the latest attempt by a web of conservative donors—the National Right to Work Foundation, the Koch brothers, and others—to consolidate their economic and political power. It appears the court’s five Republican-appointed justices are poised to undercut the interests of millions of workers by depriving their unions of the funds they need to function. That’s not an unintended consequence—it’s the entire point of these assaults on unions. Indeed, Justice Sonia Sotomayor told the lawyer for the National Right to Work Foundation, “You’re basically arguing, ‘Do away with unions.’” Learn more from Randi Weingarten  and from Vox at The Supreme Court case that could kneecap public sector unions, explained

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