Written by Suzanne Russell

Perth Amboy Superintendent of Schools Janine Walker Caffrey on Wednesday, her first day back to work following nine school days on paid administrative leave. / SUZANNE RUSSELL/STAFF PHOTO
[…] Following Caffrey’s return, building administrators have told security personnel that board members are not permitted to enter school buildings without the superintendent’s written consent, according to Donna Chiera, president of Perth Amboy Federation/AFT, which represents teachers and other district employees.

District teachers also have opposed some of Caffrey’s reform methods, and some applauded when the board placed Caffrey on leave.

Chiera said the principal, vice principal and three staff members placed on leave last week in connection with an alleged incident at the Dr. Herbert N. Richardson 21st Century Elementary School remain on leave with charges pending and a board investigation into the matter yet to begin.

Chiera said it is a “double standard” that Caffrey is able to return to work while she is facing an investigation into the board’s charges, but the other district personnel are barred from returning.


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