A March 16 email sent by Montclair State University to faculty members with a link to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment turned out to be phony and was later described by MSU’s information technology department as a “training message” intended for recipients to “keep your guard up.”

The phishing experiment did not go over well with Bill Sullivan, Local 1904’s vice president for external affairs.

“Nobody was happy about it, and it shows how desperate people are [to get the vaccine],” said Sullivan in a story by Montclair Local’s Erin Roll. “They feel like their emotions were preyed upon. This was really clawing at people’s deepest emotions.”

Among those not happy about the email was Dr. Richard Wolfson, Local 1904’s president, who registered a complaint with MSU’s vice president of human resources, according to Sullivan.

Read Roll’s full story here.

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