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SeeR-Health For Rutgers AAUP-AFT Part-Time Lecturers (Plan information on R-Health site)

“Rutgers tells us healthcare for part-time employees is not possible,” said Teresa Politano, president of the part-time faculty union, according to the press release. “Yet most Big Ten schools offer healthcare options and job security to part-time faculty members and other employees. This R-Health option proves that there are progressive solutions to a complicated problem.”

The new option was unveiled by the labor union on Thursday at a town hall meeting, according to the press release. The event included a visit from a New Brunswick-based R-Health physician, blood pressure screenings and a healthcare representative who discussed the program.

Union members now have the option to purchase a discounted membership to R-Health at a members-only rate, according to the press release. Rutgers has approximately 3,000 part-time faculty members, which includes many longtime, regular employees who do not receive health benefits.

The program works through independent, primary-care physicians using data analytics to analyze risks, predict treatment success, locate areas of inefficiency and improve patient outcomes, according to the website. This allows them to make unbiased decisions, avoid unnecessary tests and refer patients to lower-cost facilities.

From: Part-time employees under these Rutgers faculty unions now have access to affordable healthcare, (Ryan Stiesi, Daily Targum April 24) 

Teresa Politano, the Rutgers president of the part-time faculty chapter of the AAUP-AFT at Rutgers, said this is separate from unions asking Rutgers administration for new contracts as part of the collective bargaining process.

“As part-time employees we do not receive benefits,” Politano said. “Rutgers has said it is not possible to offer health care to part-timers because it is too expensive and complicated. Our argument is there should be a solution toward health care. Rutgers has said it is all or nothing. We have argued that there are alternatives in the middle. It does not rely on Rutgers. It illustrates that there are creative options.”

Rutgers has 6,500 part-time employees who do not receive health insurance.

“We took the initiative and found a terrific solution,” Politano said. “We intend to go to table and say we’ve found an option. Let’s move forward from there.”

The union has negotiated this benefit on behalf of its members in an effort to find a progressive health care solution for its members.

From: Some Rutgers unionized, part-time employees gain primary care coverage (David Hutter, NJBiz, April 20)

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