Please sign the petition to tell Middlesex County College to dump union-busting Jackson Lewis and bargain a fair contract with faculty. Add a comment and we will include it here.

I am a proud public school teacher who started off at MCC. Work with the excellent staff there on negotiating a fair contract. M.D. Hillsborough

Negotiate fairly and give the faculty what they deserve. T.P. Edison

Tired of weakening of full-time college staff and over abundance of adjunct staff. D.M. Milltown

Bargain in good faith! S.D. Edison

MCC should be respected and treated with dignity. This college produces brilliant minds and is a core factor to our nation’s success just like every other college campus in the United States! Our nation needs to focus on improving college life and academics both for the students, faculty and staff. N. G. Edison

Please do NOT needlessly spend my tax dollars on this! D. V. North Brunswick

This is the first time in the almost 5o years that I have been at MCC, where negotiations have dragged on for so long. To me, this represents two thing: (1) That the College is moving in the wrong direction, and (2) a disrespect for the faculty, and it can only be resolved by you and the Board. Fire this law firm and lets get the College moving in the right direction again. A. S. Hopewell

Put our tuition to the proper use. Show some respect. A. T. Edison

This is not conducive to the MCC I remember, the MCC I always speak highly of and promote. J. F. Metuchen

It seems ludicrous to have to ask the people in charge, to do their job correctly. Stop being selfish and start thinking about the students and those that help us the most, the faculty. The board of trustees need to start asking question, get curious, and make sure you aren’t saying yes to things without reading a full contract and weighing the pros and cons. J. G.

All I see is a board full of people who blindly say yes to anything, just to keep their position of power. With that kind of nonsense, where does that leave the people who are getting screwed over? Start doing your job!! J. G. Spotswood

Unions have been the backbone of workers in this country. It is a sad statement the government is making when it allows employers to use tax money to pay for union busting law firms. A. L. New Brunswick

Invest in our students. K. S. Montgomery

Education and educator should be supported by the college president and the board of trustees–the use of this law firm is counter-productive and a disgraceful act towards the citizens that entrust the college to do the BEST for students. A. P. Somerset

Do the right thing and negotiate. M. P. South Brunswick


Dump Union busters and negotiate fairly. N. H. Franklin Township

Dump Jackson Lewis!! M. B. Hillsborough

Spend money on education, not union busting. F. B. Edison

Union busting faculty unions will not “make America great again”. It will do just the opposite. J. F. Metuchen

The most notorious union busting firm in the nation and a democratic county like Middlesex Shame on the Freeholders, shame on the MCC Board of Trustees!!! Terminate their connection to the College immediately. P. P. Milltown

Bargain in good faith. Negotiate. Compromise. S. K. Edison

I am a student at MCC, and what this firm is doing to our education is wrong. We’re the future of America, and we need to know our s**t, and sometimes people can’t afford to go to fancy schools, so they come here for an education that’s just as good, and treating our professors like they’re dust in the wind won’t do us any good, and we won’t be prepared for the future, and, in the future, this country won’t be as good as it would be had our teachers gotten better contracts and had we as students gotten better resources for us to use. J. S. Sayreville

As an alumni, it’s disheartening to know that MCC has taken to hire a firm that works to disenfranchise working people and their families. Negotiate a fair contract and drop Jackson Lewis! B. H. Bound Brook

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