By Cheryl Hehl, Staff Writer

UNION COUNTY, NJ — Although both Kean and Union County College continue to use adjunct, or part-time, professors in large numbers, these educators maintain job security, pay and status continue to be an issue despite efforts on their part to change this pattern.

After LocalSource reported in the May 21 edition about the ongoing problems adjuncts were having at both educational facilities, UCC adjuncts came forward to express their views and straighten out any misconceptions there might be about what they are paid for their teaching services.

While it is becoming more common for both colleges and universities to rely on adjunct educators to augment a shrinking tenured faculty, these teachers feel they are treated unfairly by the hierarchy of the college.


William Lipkin, an adjunct professor at the college for many years and co-president of the of the local AFT, which has 375 members, said the pay scale for UCC adjunct faculty ranges from $624 to $821 per credit, with no benefits. These part-time professors are also limited in the number of credits they can teach, he said.


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