At Rowan a plan is evolving to hire instructors: full-time, but not eligible for promotion.

By Kaustuv Basu.

An administrator taking part in Tuesday’s panel discussion, Robert Zazzali, vice president for employee and labor relations at Rowan University in New Jersey, said that contingent faculty should not be used to provide cheap labor or balance the budget.

“There is a real need and there is a role that contingent faculty play,” he said, but they should be used for short-term or specific purposes only. “I know that sometimes there are economic realities that dictate otherwise,” he said.

At Rowan – where the collective bargaining agreement covers all faculty members – a plan is evolving to hire instructors: a full-time teaching position that won’t be eligible for promotion but will have more job security. “We will perhaps use the instructor rank more, maybe we will capture some contingent faculty. It is a good way of holding on to some of those effective teachers,” Zazzali said.

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