Strike at AT&T: Join a Picket Line Friday

40,000 workers at AT&T just announced that they will walk off the job Friday at 3pm ET/Noon PT if they haven’t won a fair union contract by then.

This will be the biggest strike in the United States since 40,000 Verizon workers walked out last year, and may be the biggest strike of retail workers at a national company in U.S. history.

Can you join striking workers at a picket line at a nearby retail store Friday, Saturday or Sunday? Please RSVP. We’ll let you know if we reach an agreement and don’t have to strike on Friday.

Also: Send A Message to AT&T CEO Stephenson

21,000 AT&T Mobility workers may have to strike soon to protect good jobs and secure a good union contract. Email AT&T CEO Stephenson to make sure he knows customers and members of the community have workers’ backs.

Send him an email by using this form!

You can also call him at 210-821-4105 (Press 3 and ask for CEO Stephenson’s office)