Scam Alert: No New Jersey Campaign For Bank Information

AFT nationally is fighting bills to take away payroll deduction in Texas, Missouri and Louisiana. This year we fought and thwarted threats to payroll deduction in Indiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Montana and North Dakota. Finally, we currently have members on bank draft dues collection in Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas and Wisconsin. The effort by the anti-union ideologues to defund our unions will no doubt continue and eliminating payroll education is one attack.

On May 8 a member in Florida received a phone call from an individual claiming to be calling from the American Federation of Teachers. The caller said “… due to Senate Bill 13, we’re going to be transferring over our members from payroll deduction to bank draft. Wanted to make sure you are informed about that and give you an opportunity to take care of that either on the phone or on line at your convenience.”

The member asked if this could be done with their union rep at their campus. The caller indicated that was possible but that online would be the easiest thing and an email could be sent with a link. At this point the caller read an email address for confirmation. After confirmation of the email, the caller indicated that the member would get a link and should click on the “join now” link and complete the information.

This was not the AFT. We are using a very reputable and secure firm and process for our alternative dues collection where members have lost payroll dues deduction (not New Jersey). We are working with our state affiliate in Florida to alert all Florida affiliates to this scam. We are also working with them to report this to the proper authorities at the state and federal level.

Please alert us immediately if you are contacted by anyone using the union’s name to try to secure personal or financial information by calling 732-661-9393 or contacting us online.