Bob Russo is one of several AFTNJ members who are also local officials and have benefited from NJ AFL-CIO Labor Candidates training. Russo was elected to the Montclair Township Council in May.

Bob Russo swearing in Montclair
AFTNJ Higher Education Vice President Bob Russo is administered the oath of office for his new Montclair Council seat. Wife Christine stands to Bob's left.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO Labor Candidates Program provides top notch training on a wide range of campaign skills from seasoned, successful political professionals. The program ensures that labor candidates seeking election to public office at every level of government are politically viable and committed to achieving progressive policy change in our workplace and in our communities.

Find out more about candidate training August 11-12 including how to register.

AFTNJ Political Director Seth Anderson-Oberman said, “Bob Russo is great example of a union leader, who carries his values well beyond the workplace.  We need more union members and leaders to run for public office so that the voices of working people are not drowned out by the corporate dollars that dominate politics.  Bob will be a strong progressive voice on the Montclair Township Council.  His grassroots victory is a victory, not just for him – but for democracy itself and all working women and men. ”

Anderson-Oberman is working on voter registration outreach and education for the Nov. 6 General Election. He encouraged AFTNJ members to participate in NJ AFL-CIO candidate training August 11-12 and to contact AFTNJ to discuss Committee On Political Education (COPE) activities.

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