Take Action to Protect School Funding

Dear Public Education Supporter,
Please to ask your legislators to protect our school funding!
New Jersey Education Commissioner Cerf has proposed to cut state aid significantly for:

  • low-income children;
  • children who are learning English; and
  • children with special needs.

These cuts affect almost every school district in the state, especially since the number of low-income and immigrant children and children with special needs is growing all over New Jersey.…

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College Council Adjunct Faculty Reach Tentative Agreement with state

After over a year of difficult negotiations with the State and the State College/University presidents, the Council of New Jersey State College Locals reached a tentative agreement late Friday, January 25. This agreement provides for a per credit hour base salary increase of 8.33% for more than four thousand adjunct faculty over the life of the Agreement.…

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Union Leadership Academy Spring classes

The Union Leadership Academy (ULA) is an education-based training program targeted toward union officials, members, and anyone else who may be interested in learning from the course material. The purpose of the program is to enhance the knowledge of our students and create more effective ways to represent the members and their interests/concerns. Each course is designed in a way so that the students will become completely competent on the material covered during the six weeks; therefore, they will be able to present what they have learned to their local, ultimately teaching their members and sharing beneficial information they gained through classes.…

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Newark Parents and Activists Take School Closure Complaint to D.C. for Civil Rights Hearing

Complaint contends that Christie’s school turnaround plan does nothing for poor black and Hispanic students

By John Mooney

Sharon Smith, activist and mother of three, who filed the Newark civil rights complaint.
Forty Newark parents and activists boarded a charter bus to Washington, D.C., late yesterday to join in what is becoming a growing backlash to public school closures in cities across the country.…

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