Eleven victories in 2011: Celebrate an incredible year for the student movement!

3. Rutgers USAS won NJ’s lowest tuition hike in 2 decades.

MoreAfter Rutgers USAS built a coalition that organized a 600-student walkout and a 2-day sit-in that grabbed NY Times headlines, New Jersey’s state university approved the lowest tuition hikes in two decades (1.6 percent for in-state students). Rutgers’ board rejected the proposed tuition hike from university president Richard McCormick, who resigned shortly afterwards.…

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Had Enough of the RU Scrooge?

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Protestors advocate for faculty, staff raises at BOG meeting

By Lisa Berkman and Anastasia Millicker / Staff Writers

Several faculty and staff members protested during yesterday’s Board of Governor’s meeting, which ended with a closed session that did not have public comment.

Before the meeting outside Winants Hall on the College Avenue campus, a table was set with a toy bone on a plate surrounded by chalices.…

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Rutgers students stage protest of wage freezes

In the spirit of Halloween, members of Rutgers University United Students Against Sweatshops on Monday stormed President Richard McCormick’s office dressed as pirates, chanting: “They swab the deck, so where’s their booty?”

Rutgers University faculty and staff agreed three years ago to put off their wage increases for a year in good faith and in the spirit of shared sacrifice as top administrators continued to get huge wages, increases, benefits and severance packages, said Molly Magier of Rutgers USAS.…

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Student activism lauded

Student activism has a way of working sometimes. We like what the participants in Wednesday night’s “Take Back The Economy” did. The Rutgers Student Union and members of the Rutgers University Students Against Sweatshops listened to colleagues across the nation via webcast on how to raise awareness on certain issues. Molly Magier, organizing director of the USAS chapter at the University, spoke from Washington, D.C.,…

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Rutgers One Delivers 6,000-Plus Petition Calling on University to Pay Frozen Wage

McCormick Public Statements Ring Hollow as Rutgers Workers Lag Behind Rest of State

NEWARK…Rutgers workers have gone the longest without a raise among state workers, despite President Richard McCormick’s public statements that he intends to pay long withheld raises, according to the Rutgers One faculty, staff, student and alumni coalition. “Rutgers management withheld negotiated raises in 2009, asked for and received an agreement from us to defer then withheld the deferred raises again last year,” said Lucye Millerand, President of the Union of Rutgers Administrators-American Federation of Teachers, which represents approximately 2,000 campus workers.…

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Search for new Rutgers president begins amid flap over employee pay freeze

At today’s Board of Governors meeting in Newark, professors and other union members holding protest signs reminded the panel the new president may also have to deal with a lingering dispute over an employee pay freeze. The university canceled raises for unionized employees last year, citing budget problems. The case is currently before an arbitrator.

Students presented the board with petitions signed by 6,500 students and other members of the campus community calling for a tuition freeze and a lifting of the pay freeze on employees.…

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Rutgers University students protest pay freeze for campus workers

NEW BRUNSWICK — Five months after Rutgers University undergraduates staged a two-day sit in to protest tuition hikes, students returned to the campus administration building in New Brunswick today to stage another protest.

This time, security refused to let the protesters inside the door. But the 10 students — all members of Rutgers United Students Against Sweatshops — got Rutgers President Richard McCormick to come outside of the Old Queens administration building so they could demand the university lift its pay freeze on union workers.…

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McCormick shares expansion ideas at final annual address

But disgruntled faculty and staff interrupted McCormick several times during the first half of his speech, protesting the two-year salary freeze that is preventing them from receiving their raises.

“There’s a lot being built and done, but I work hard — everything is going up but my paycheck,” said Dorothy Broxton, a custodian in the University’s Housing department, who held a sign that read “End the salary freeze!”…

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McCormick addresses contractual concerns in Q&A

Professor of Education Catherine Lugg, who is entering her 16th year at the university, was one of many who voiced concern and displeasure over the delay in paying unionized workers, disputed salary increases. Lugg is a member of American Association of University Professors-American Federation of teachers (AAUP-AFT).

“It’s delay, delay, delay,” she said. “They announced a salary freeze in June 10, 2010.…

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Rutgers Unions Tell Board to Honor Contracts

Coalition approach wins concessions limiting tuition increase
AFT Rutgers members of the Union of Rutgers Administrators staff local and the Rutgers AAUP/AFT faculty local coalesced with students and other campus unions to call on the Board of Governors to honor agreements executives breeched by cancelling negotiated raises and limiting tuition increase. The Board responded by cutting outgoing Rutgers President McCormick’s proposal for a tuition increase in half and promising to further examine the unions’ position.…

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