Rutgers One Delivers 6,000-Plus Petition Calling on University to Pay Frozen Wage

McCormick Public Statements Ring Hollow as Rutgers Workers Lag Behind Rest of State

NEWARK…Rutgers workers have gone the longest without a raise among state workers, despite President Richard McCormick’s public statements that he intends to pay long withheld raises, according to the Rutgers One faculty, staff, student and alumni coalition. “Rutgers management withheld negotiated raises in 2009, asked for and received an agreement from us to defer then withheld the deferred raises again last year,” said Lucye Millerand, President of the Union of Rutgers Administrators-American Federation of Teachers, which represents approximately 2,000 campus workers. The union is a part of the Rutgers One coalition of faculty, staff, students and alumni which generated more than 6,000 signatures calling for affordable tuition and fair treatment of workers, delivered to the university’s Board of Governors meeting today.