New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy fielded a bunch of school-related questions Sept. 30 during his COVID-19 briefing.

Asked if school districts are required to report COVID-19 cases and/or outbreaks to their families in their school community, Murphy said, “Absolutely.”

As for the distribution of the rapid coronavirus tests coming from the federal government, he said it’s “too early to tell” whether all N.J. school districts will receive a portion of them or if they will be reserved for districts experiencing outbreaks.

“We’re going to get these in phases — weekly chunks over a 12-week period,” he added.

Murphy also talked about 11 confirmed COVID-19 outbreaks associated with in-school transmission in K-12 schools, verified by Local Health Departments and reported to the New Jersey Department of Health. More information about that can be found as part of the New Jersey COVID-19 Dashboard; click here.

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