Donna M. Chiera and Secretary Hillary R. Clinton
Donna M. Chiera and Secretary Hillary R. Clinton


Hillary Clinton drew big cheers and rounds of thunderous applause from AFT convention delegates July 18 when she detailed a strong vision for public schools and the public sector—one that steers clear of derision and division as it charts a new course toward well-resourced institutions, effective community connections, and solid school strategies forged in partnership with educators on the frontline.

The presumptive Democratic nominee flatly rejected any effort to return to top-down reform. Real school improvement, she insisted, is something that requires the voices, talent and buy-in of professionals who do the work every day.

“I want to thank you for being one of the essential partners for everything we need to do to move the country in the right direction,” Clinton declared to enthusiastic applause. “I want to say right from the outset that I’m with you.

“When I’m president, you will have a partner in the White House, and you will always have a seat at the table.”


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