Anderson to Remain at Helm of Newark Schools, Activists Vow Ouster

By David Cruz, Correspondent

Coming as it did — late on a Friday afternoon, on the final day of classes — the reappointment of Cami Anderson, the dominant education issue of the past three years in Newark, seemed anti-climactic. Reaction was, likewise, muted.

Still, at a demonstration outside City Hall, critics complained that the governor and his education commissioner had done an end run around them and snuck his superintendent in. Former Superintendent Marion Bolden chairs the education committee of Mayor-Elect Ras Baraka’s transition team.

The teacher’s union, which has had an on again, mostly off again relationship with the superintendent, suggested that this new deal represented the beginning of the end for Anderson.

“At the very end of the agreement, it stipulates that the commissioner will be overseeing this district and that nothing in the contract changes that, so, for all intents and purposes, she will be an advisory superintendent on a year-to-year basis,” said Newark Teachers Union Vice President John Abeigon. “Personally, I don’t know how she could stand that humiliation.”