By Peggy McGlone/The Star-Ledger

As part of a comprehensive plan to overhaul the state’s largest school district, Newark Schools Superintendent Cami Anderson wants to increase access to charter schools by expanding them into district-owned buildings.

The district also plans to convert three elementary schools into early childhood centers, relocate five schools to under-utilized facilities and transform three comprehensive high schools into smaller academies. The goal, Anderson said, is to improve local options for all residents.

[…] Union leaders accused Anderson of pushing charters while ignoring the traditional district schools.

“We don’t have a superintendent for the traditional schools. The charter schools have a superintendent,” said Joe Del Grosso, president of the Newark Teachers Union.

Del Grosso also dismissed the idea that the district doesn’t have the ability to fix the crumbling buildings. “They are all repairable,” he said. “Once these schools are gone, Newark will never get them back.”


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