Newark teachers blast historic salary contract signed by union leaders

By Jessica Calefati/The Star-Ledger

NEWARK — Leaders of the Newark Teachers Union faced a barrage of criticism from rank and file members tonight over the historic three-year contract signed Friday that, for the first time, will offer annual bonuses of up to $12,500 to top teachers.

Joseph Del Grosso, president of the Newark teachers union, and Cami Anderson, superintendent of the Newark public schools, sign an agreement on a landmark teachers contract that will offer bonuses to top teachers in the state's largest school district for the first time. Many union members are opposed to the contract. Jennifer Brown/The Star-Ledger
Many of the teachers and school employees who spoke during the meeting at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center urged fellow members to reject the contract when it is voted on by the union’s 3,300 members on Monday.

“It’s not everything I wanted, and it’s not everything you deserve,” union President Joseph Del Grosso told the 1,000 people who gathered tonight. “You’re going to vote on it, so it’s in your hands.”