[…] NTU Not NJEA

It’s important to note that this is the Newark Teachers Union, an arm of the American Federation of Teachers and quite separate and apart in both philosophy and governance from the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) that has become Christie’s favorite political target.

The NTU actually supported the Christie administration’s failed Race to the Top application, which included many of his boldest reforms, a point sometimes lost in Christie’s near-open warfare with the NJEA over the application.

“We’re willing to open the dialogue and do what needs to be done,” said Joseph DelGrosso, the NTU’s president of the past 15 years. “I’m not willing to give up on unionism, but we’re willing to have management meet us half-way.”

There would be plenty of room for negotiation, since the two sides are already at the table seeking a deal on a new contract to replace the existing one-year deal that expired June 30.

-from Renegotiating the Newark School System
By John Mooney, September 27
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