Rutgers Adjuncts Protest Poverty Wages at BOG

Contact: Joe Richard, AAUP-AFT Organizer, 352-246-2240,

The union representing adjuncts at Rutgers University, the AAUP-AFT, will picket the Board of Governors meeting (B.o.G) and present the B.O.G. with a packet of letters from undergraduate students voicing their support for our PTL bargaining proposals, as well as a stack of resolutions of support from our Full-Time colleagues, passed in departments across Rutgers, and the recent vote of the Graduate Student Association to support our contract campaign.

This action represents the last planned union demonstration before the union attends the upcoming November 10th celebration of Rutgers 250th Anniversary. If there is no progress at the next few bargaining sessions, the AAUP-AFT will be forced to escalate and attend these celebrations to shine a light on how the Barchi administration treats adjuncts at Rutgers University.

What: Protest outside of Old Queens at Rutgers University
Who: Rutgers AAUP-AFT faculty union
When: Wednesday, October 14th @ 12:30 PM
Where: Winants Hall, College Avenue Campus
Why: To highlight the poverty salaries of adjunct Part-Time Lecturers and demand new union contracts