By Cheryl Hehl, Staff Writer

UNION COUNTY , NJ — Last year at Kean University, there were 170 administrators paid approximately $19 million in taxpayer dollars for working at a variety of positions. The highest paid was university president Dawood Farahi, who not only earned $293,550 last year but also took home a longevity bonus of $200,000.

The longevity bonus was the result of a rider the Kean Board of Trustees made to Farahi’s contract in 2008, guaranteeing him a $200,000 bonus if he stayed five years. That payment came due in 2014 and, as promised, Farahi was paid the bonus in addition to his regular annual salary of $293,550.

Although the university is still close to $330 million in debt, Kean just announced that they hired two more administrators, or senior managers, and promoted two others. The new hires are in addition to the 170 administrators already on staff.


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