By Gloucester County Times Editorial Board

How about a time out in that plan to integrate Rutgers University’s Camden campus into Rowan University?

Why is this moving so fast when everyone admits they have insufficient details?

Monday’s hearing before the state Senate Higher Education Committee, while ostensibly just an information-gathering session from the New Jersey Higher Education Task Force that recommends the merger, shed little light on the operational and financial challenges that will have to be overcome.

Everyone from outgoing Rutgers President Richard McCormick on down defended their turf or potential turf.

Moreover, the hearing added to the perception that this is a done deal — despite a little backtracking from state Senate President Stephen Sweeney last week.

Sweeney, D-3, of West Deptford Township, said he disagreed with how Gov. Chris Christie rolled out news of the plan with too little of the nuts and bolts. For that reason, he says he’s withholding final judgment. But, like Christie, it’s obvious he favors the move.

Sweeney seems to think that assuring current Rutgers-Camden students, who are among those angered by the plan, that their degrees will still say “Rutgers” will go a long way to calm the waters. There’s much more to it than that.


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