University insists on governing board that maintains its autonomy, as well as that of Rutgers-Camden

By Tara Nurin

Forces are continuing to mass against a legislative plan to create a joint board to govern Rowan University and Rutgers-Camden. Meanwhile, co-sponsors of the Senate bill — introduced last week to restructure the state’s higher education system – are rewriting sections of it in response to pushback from both academic communities.

The latest group to express displeasure is Rowan’s Board of Trustees, which passed a resolution yesterday that endorsed the idea of a joint board to oversee new, voluntary collaborations between the two universities while “retaining the autonomy of both institutions and their respective governing boards.”

Observers believe the resolution likely mirrors as-yet unreleased updates to the Senate bill. It does echo similar views codified by Rowan’s faculty and staff Senate and the union that represents them, as well as Rutgers’ boards of trustees and governors and faculty at all three of Rutgers’ campuses.


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