By MaryAnn Spoto/The Star-Ledger

TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie Tuesday said he will ask the state attorney general and the governor’s counsel whether he has the power to revamp the state’s higher education system without approval from the state Legislature.
The governor will make the request after a report by the nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services concluded he will need will need legislation for the reorganization, citing a recent appeals court decision that prohibited his office from unilaterally dismantling the Council on Affordable Housing.

“Now OLS has their opinion and we’ll certainly have governor’s counsel office look at that in detail and have the AG’s office look at it in detail and give me their opinion on it,” Christie said during a news conference in Atlantic City.

The governor said while he hasn’t ruled out going to the state Legislature for approval of the college reshuffling, he believes doing it by himself would be faster.


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