Did you know that 80% of the tax cuts in the GOP bill (which may be voted on Thursday) go to the top 1% over the next decade? Tell your congressional representative to vote against the bill and stand with working families in his district.

Public services that benefit all citizens including education, public safety, public health services and infrastructure projects which will suffer if millionaires evade paying their fair share.

Adding insult to injury, this bill would increase taxes for many New Jersey residents by eliminating the ability to deduct state and local property (and either income or sales) tax from our federal taxes so we are not “double taxed” at the federal level.

Here are the facts:

  • Forty one percent of New Jersey households take this deduction, the average amount being $17,850 (Government Finance Officers Association).
  • The repeal of this tax would raise taxes on 33 percent of New Jersey tax payers, on average $3,522 annually (Tax Policy Center).

It is likely the vote will be soon. Please take a minute to tell your congressional representative to vote no on a plan that would make you and your neighbors underwrite a massive tax break for the 1% by sending this petition.

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