By John Mooney

But gubernatorial candidate remains vague about finding funds for some of her proposals.

State Sen. Barbara Buono has begun to release details of her education priorities and policies.
The school year is just getting under way, but at least two New Jersey pols are already showing up on college campuses like eager freshmen, ready to deliver their education-centric electioneering.

Democratic gubernatorial challenger Barbara Buono made Rutgers her first stop out of the Labor Day starting gate yesterday, talking up what she called her “comprehensive” education platform for New Jersey.

It’s a plan that some critics claim is long on ambition but short on details, especially when it comes to costs.

Meanwhile, Gov. Chris Christie visited New Jersey Institute of Technology to announce more than $80 million in renovations and projects at the Newark campus — and not missing an opportunity to take some swipes at Buono and the state Senator’s education plans.

Get used to it: two months and counting to Election Day.

Buono’s announcement and press conference were held at the heart of the university’s College Avenue campus on the first day of classes. It dealt, in large part, with providing more funding for state colleges and universities, as well as their students.

The candidate said tuition at state schools has doubled in the past decade, and she laid much of the blame on Christie for his minimal increases — if not outright cuts in some years – to state funding for schools and financial-aid programs.


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