Survey: Most Americans know very little about CRT

More than 35 percent of participants in a recent University of Southern California survey say they have never heard of critical race theory, and around the same amount say they only know a little about CRT.

“Consistent with our findings of low levels of CRT knowledge, most subgroups showed neither majority support nor majority opposition to teaching CRT in schools,” write the five authors in the accompanying report.…

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Push to ban certain books tied to critical race theory debate

The nonprofit American Library Association this year has experienced a rise in challenges to books about racism and black American history, writes Education Week’s Madeline Will.

Many of the complaints cite critical race theory, Will adds, per the ALA’s Deborah Caldwell-Stone, whose Office for Intellectual Freedom tracks objections to books in libraries, K-12 schools and colleges.…

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Finding a place for American Indian history in school curriculum

According to a 2019 National Indian Education Association study, about 50 percent of fourth graders and 75 percent of eighth graders had teachers who never or rarely incorporated Native American culture or history into their language arts lessons.

Chalkbeat’s Kalyn Belsha writes that teachers “worry that their efforts to teach a more accurate version of U.S.…

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Teens turn to TikTok to learn about race

Thanks in part to a surge in online social interaction during the pandemic, along with “an increasingly politicized social media climate in general,” it has become much easier for teens “to construct their own political identities through platforms like TikTok,” writes Noble Ingram for EdSurge.

Ingram adds that while teachers across America “face big questions about newly politicized curricular content,” on the TikTok platform, “that same information is gaming thousands of views.”…

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Weingarten, MSNBC’s Wallace talk about critical race theory

AFT President Randi Weingarten stepped away from AFT TEACH 2021 on July 7 to appear in a segment with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on critical race theory and how it has become part of what Wallace described as “the culture war.”

“I don’t care when the right wing goes after me,” Weingarten said. “You know, we’re big girls; this is part of the territory.…

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