The New Jersey Work Environment Council (WEC) is a membership alliance of labor, environmental, and community organizations working for safe, secure jobs and a healthy, sustainable environment. WEC links workers, communities, and environmentalists through training, technical assistance, grassroots organizing and public policy campaigns to promote dialogue, collaboration, and joint action. Formed in 1986, WEC is the nation’s oldest state labor/environmental (or “blue/green”) coalition.

AFTNJ leaders and members joined WEC to celebrate their 2011 Honorees: Lisa Jackson, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Frank Pallone, U.S. Representative, NJ’s 6th Congressional District, Ed Rodgers, Former Environmental Correspondent and Public Affairs Executive Producer, NJN News, Peter Guzzo, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, TTP Government Relations, Bonnie Anderson, Mesothelioma Awareness Advocate, and Deborah Ehling, President, PEMSA of NJ, (International Association of Firefighters Local 4610, AFL-CIO).

Donna Chiera
AFTNJ President Donna Chiera

Dorian, Christine, Darlene
Dorian Grumet, Christine O'Connell and Darlene Smith, all of URA-AFT

Helen, Shari, Amy
Helen Pirrello and Shari Harding of URA-AFT and Amy Baruth of AAUP-AFT

Steve and Joe
Steve Young of College Council and AFTNJ Treasurer Joe Amabile of NTU

Dorothy and Carolyn
Dorothy Grauer and Carolyn Foote of URA-AFT

Joyce Sagi of URA-AFT

AFTNJ Executive Vice President Cheryl Skeete of NTU

Honoree Pete Guzzo

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