Month: April 2018

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Rutgers Adjunct Faculty Gain Access to Health Coverage

SeeR-Health For Rutgers AAUP-AFT Part-Time Lecturers (Plan information on R-Health site)

“Rutgers tells us healthcare for part-time employees is not possible,” said Teresa Politano, president of the part-time faculty union, according to the press release. “Yet most Big Ten schools offer healthcare options and job security to part-time faculty members and other employees. This R-Health option proves that there are progressive solutions to a complicated problem.”…

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Hero: Dorothea Graham-King

Dorothea Graham-King

Dorothea Graham-King and Donna Chiera

Local: Hudson CCC Support Staff Federation
Since Dorothea Graham-King was elected to office she has shown major responsibility in making sure that our members read and understand their rights as written in the contract. She spends a lot of time on many union issues and does the research when it comes to protecting the rights of our members, as well as ensuring that the contract negotiations take place in a timely manner.…

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2018 Conference and ConventionAFTNJ News

Hero: Dr. Frank Argote-Freyre

Local: Kean Federation of Teachers
Frank has served our union and students with compassion and distinction in his role as KFT member and as a member of the board of the Latino Action Network (LAN). In these capacities, he testified at the Legislature in support of legislation to curb abuses of students by New Jersey’s student loan program, legislation that was signed into law last year.…

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2018 Conference and ConventionAFTNJ News

Hero: Kenneth Brook

Local: Montclair State University Federation of Teachers
From the moment Ken Brook came to Montclair State University in 1970 he immediately became an integral part of the local. He soon assumed the role of Chief Negotiator and signed his first contract on behalf of the Local in 1981. Ken continues to be a steadfast believer in the labor movement and a staunch defender of worker rights, academic freedom and human rights.…

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2018 Conference and ConventionAFTNJ News

Heroes: Membership Recruitment Blitz Participants

Local: William Paterson University-AFT

The faculty and professional staff who participated in our Membership Recruitment Blitz: Cristen Beam, Steve Betts, Caesar Castro, Joel Davis, Terry Finnegan, Emma Heaney, Phoebe Jackson, Matthew Kendrick, Weihua Liu, Rey Martinez, John Mason, Judy Matthew, John Parras, Robert Rosen, Cindy Simon, Chris Weber, Chriss Williams, Martha Witt

These local heroes are rank and file faculty and professional staff who volunteered hours of their time to help increase our membership and keep our union strong.…

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2018 Conference and ConventionAFTNJ News

2018-2020 Election Results

On Saturday, the following officers were elected for the term July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2020.

Donna Chiera, President
Sue Tardi, Executive VP Higher Education
Rob Barbier, Executive VP PreK-12
Jennifer Higgins, Treasurer
Lucye Millerand, Secretary

Michael Backo
Christopher Canik
Leslie Correa
Carol Graff
Michael Iovino
Jerry Moore
Patricia Paradiso
Robin Pinckney-St.…

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Beyond Signs And Slogans: What Does Rutgers’ Adjunct Faculty Want?

Carly Sitrin, NJ Spotlight

Part-time lecturers are asking for pay equity, affordable healthcare, and job security. Rutgers says it can’t afford to fund those requests

Part-time professors and contingent faculty at Rutgers University make up 70 percent of the teaching staff but some part-timers are paid significantly less than the tuition of a single student. This group is arguing it is unfairly treated by the university system and has ramped up its efforts to garner public support for its plight.…

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Contract, tuition, wage rally at Rutgers

By Susan Loyer, Home News

NEW BRUNSWICK – More than 400 Rutgers University faculty, staff and students rallied outside the Board of Governors (BOG) meeting Tuesday, while dozens more inside petitioned the governing body directly in hopes of securing fair union contracts, a freeze on tuition and a $15-per-hour minimum wage on campus.

Student groups and members of 23 unions representing more than 20,000 Rutgers workers, whose contracts expire June 30, organized the protest, Anthropology professor David Hughes, vice president of the Rutgers AAUP-AFT faculty union, said in a statement.…

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Newark Teachers Union calls for end to extended-school-day programs, citing contract violations

Patrick Wall, Chalkbeat

The head of the Newark Teachers Union is calling on the district to abolish school-improvement efforts that ask teachers at certain schools to work longer hours in return for extra pay.

About 30 district schools have extended days, which teachers must agree to in writing each year. According to an email that the union president sent to the district’s interim superintendent on Tuesday, some principals pressured teachers to sign those agreements this week before they have had a chance to look for positions at other schools.…

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Rutgers employees protest for higher wages

By David Hutter, NJBIZ

Rutgers University students and employees waged a demonstration outside a board of governors meeting Tuesday asking for employees to be paid at least $15 per hour.

Hundreds of people took part in the demonstration with many holding signs bearing slogans asking for affordable health care. They made these demands on the New Brunswick campus outside Winants Hall and called on Rutgers President Robert Barchi to meet their demands.…

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