Lawmakers fight Christie’s plan to cut aid for college students


TRENTON — Teachers and education advocates are urging lawmakers in the state’s Capitol to shoot down a budget proposal that would cut millions of dollars to low-income college students.

Gov. Chris Christie’s budget, first circulated in February, proposes a $3.6 million drop in aid to the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), a program that offers financial services to economically disadvantaged students.…

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Murphy for Governor, Labor Candidates and State Legislative Endorsements

The union’s delegate assembly voted Monday night to issue endorsements for the November 7 general election, affirming support for Phil Murphy for Governor, along with a slate of state legislative and AFL-CIO labor candidates.

“Elections matter and this election in particular will determine the future of this state,” said AFT New Jersey President Donna M. Chiera.…

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AFT New Jersey Calls For Better Funding for Successful College Student Program

American Federation of Teachers New Jersey President Donna M. Chiera said, “The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program reflects sound educational practices—offering disadvantaged students who are willing to do the work social, emotional, financial and academic support to help mitigate the impact of poverty and give them the opportunity to succeed in pursuing higher education. We thank Senate President Steve Sweeney and all the legislators who recognize the value of the program and call on the Governor to support these students by retaining the funding level in the budget proposal.”

Rutgers Anthropology Professor President David M.…

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Charter school won’t pay teachers for final 2 months, Sign petition for accountability

By Adam Clark, NJ Advance Media for

NEWARK — A New Jersey charter school ordered to shut down at the end of June may close its doors without paying the final two months of teachers’ salaries, state and local union leaders say.

Teachers at Merit Preparatory Charter School in Newark are not unionized and have individual employment contracts stipulating they work during the 10-month school year and have their paychecks spread out over the 12-month calendar year, according to the American Federation of Teachers New Jersey chapter.

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