How much does it cost to go to college in N.J.?: Tuition at 4-year colleges continue to rise

By Kelly Heyboer, The Star-Ledger

NEWARK — Students at Ramapo College and the College of St. Elizabeth will get a reprieve this year. But undergraduates at the rest of New Jersey’s four-year colleges will have to dig a little deeper to pay their tuition bills as they return to campus this semester.

Across the state, cash-strapped students called on their colleges to freeze tuition.…

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Sussex County college trustees should have known ethics rules, experts say

By Seth Augenstein, The Star-Ledger

NEWTON — The three Sussex County Community College trustees who were on the payroll of an engineering firm they also hired at the school weren’t aware of their ethical obligations required by state law and the school’s ethics code, an independent investigation found Monday.

But experts doubt that.

“If they say they are unaware, then they are lying or incompetent,” said Brigid Harrison, a professor of political science at Montclair State University.…

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Clifton volunteer earns Everyday Hero award

By Maggie Katz, Correspondent, Clifton Journal

CLIFTON — Super heroes are extraordinary: they fly, can bench-press cars, and some can leap tall buildings in a single bound. They are not average people. In the face of such incredible fiction, it leaves the rest of us feeling a bit lackluster. However, there is hope. Cliftonite Krystal Woolston is a community service volunteer whose repertoire may rival even Superman.…

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