Teaneck school officials urge public to join fight against charter school


TEANECK — Using $15 million of the school district’s budget to fund a virtual charter school would “devastate” local public education, district officials said Wednesday night.

Superintendent Barbara Pinsak detailed to parents and other residents how students would be affected if the Garden State Virtual Charter School opens in Teaneck next year and the district must divert the equivalent of 20 percent of its budget to fund it.…

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Health care rates to rise for NJ public workers

BY JULIET FLETCHER, State House Bureau

State, local and public school employees will see their existing health premium costs increase by at least 9 percent next year, as benefits reform shifts more of that burden to workers’ paychecks.

A state commission is hearing details of health care plan cost increases for public workers.

Two state commissions confirmed Wednesday that next year’s prices for the current health plans familiar to employees will jump, but at the same time approved rates for newly designed plans that officials hope employees will choose to save money in the long term.…

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NJ drops the ball on cheaper health care; Options aren’t ready for public workers

Union members, who face paying up to 35 percent of their premiums in ramped-up contributions over the next four years, argue politicians who pushed benefits reform must follow through on lowering plan costs and addressing underlying causes of price increases.

“With under two weeks left, it’s likely we’d only gather the existing plans, plus possibly one more,” said Wendell Steinhauer, a member representing the New Jersey Education Association on the panel specifically on school employee benefits.…

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Rutgers faculty decry spending on athletics

The Record

The faculty union at Rutgers University is crying foul after a report this week that the school’s athletic department got $27 million in annual subsidies while pay for professors and staff was frozen and student fees were hiked.

Rutgers’ drive to build a big-time football program has soaked up considerable resources over the past decade.…

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