A U.-TURN IN CAMDEN: Rutgers fights to stay Rutgers

BY JASON NARK, Philadelphia Daily News

AN ENORMOUS book sits on a shelf near my Rutgers-Camden diploma, just a few steps from the closet where my old black-and-red Rutgers wrestling singlet lies stuffed inside a duffel bag.

One of my semesters there was spent studying Milton’s Paradise Lost, lugging that book around like a slab of granite.…

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Rutgers-Camden chancellor denounces merger plan

By James Osborne, Inquirer Staff Writer

Rutgers-Camden chancellor Wendell E. Pritchett: “I am opposed.”

Rutgers-Camden chancellor Wendell E. Pritchett spoke out forcefully Thursday against Gov. Christie’s plan to merge the school into Rowan University, adding his weight to a movement within the state’s flagship university to try to block the proposal.

Later in the day, Richard McCormick, president of the Rutgers system, issued a statement saying he had spoken with Pritchett and “shared many of his concerns.”…

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Proposed Realigning of New Jersey Campuses Spurs Protests and Charges of Cronyism

By Eric Kelderman

New Jersey is joining the list of states considering merging and consolidating public universities—with a distinctly Garden State twist.

An advisory committee, formed originally to consider what to do with the troubled University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, has recommended shifting control of several campuses around the state.

The panel’s final report, which Gov.…

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Rutgers University faculty calls for cuts to athletic department subsidies

By Jarrett Renshaw/Statehouse Bureau

NEW BRUNSWICK — Battered by budget and salary cuts, the faculty at Rutgers University’s school of the Arts and Sciences overwhelmingly supported a resolution today that called for cutting university subsidies to the athletic department and giving students a voice in how their money is spent.

The resolution, which passed by a vote of 174-3, symbolizes the faculty’s growing resentment over the athletic department’s increased consumption of university dollars that could otherwise be used for academics.…

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Lawsuits threatened over planned merger between Rowan and Rutgers-Camden

EILEEN STILWELL, Courier-Post Staff

A plan to roll Rutgers-Camden and Rowan into a single university under the Rowan banner could produce a barrage of lawsuits from Rutgers faculty, according to a union leader at the Camden campus.

“We are very much outraged by this proposal for many reasons. We think it’s fraudulent for one nonprofit, as in Rutgers, to dispose of its assets to another nonprofit, i.e.…

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Christie plan for university reshuffling means another chapter for Rowan

GLASSBORO — Twenty years ago, Rowan University’s reputation was synonymous with its teachers college, which prepared hundreds of elementary and special education instructors for South Jersey classrooms each year.

Back then, the school in Glassboro was known as Glassboro State College, and students looking for a bustling college town with a robust nightlife or a research institution with endless courses of study had to look elsewhere.…

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Inquirer Editorial: Rowan merger with Rutgers-Camden makes sense

The third time could be the charm for the long-debated realignment of New Jersey’s major university, with the added bonus that this time South Jersey will get a chance to compete for top academic honors.

Gov. Christie’s ringing endorsement Wednesday of a plan to have Rowan University take over the Camden campus of Rutgers University — while the University of Medicine and Dentistry merges with Rutgers — could jump-start hopes of making better sense of the state’s sprawling higher-education network.…

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Plan to merge Rutgers-Camden and Rowan faces criticism and complaints


FORUMS SET: Rutgers-Camden is to host two forums for discussion of a proposed merger into Rowan University of Glassboro. The hourlong sessions will be held Thursday, Feb. 2, at 12:20 p.m. in the 401 Penn classroom and Monday, Feb. 6, at 5 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room on the main level of the Campus Center.

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RU to become RU? Rowan may absorb Rutgers-Camden

CAMDEN — Gov. Chris Christie unveiled a plan Wednesday to merge Rutgers-Camden into Rowan University, but the proposal didn’t get high marks from everyone involved.

While Rowan officials praised the governor’s announcement, the top administrator at Rutgers University issued a tepid response. And students at both schools criticized the plan.

“The governor has taken the liberty of messing with South Jersey.…

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Hearings sought on higher ed

Reorganization plan faces review
Jim Walsh, Staff Writer
TRENTON — The head of the state Senate’s Higher Education Committee on Thursday said she wants to hold hearings on a proposed reorganization of higher-education institutions across the state.

Sen. Sandra Bolden Cunningham, D-Hudson, said hearings are needed for “a complete understanding of the statewide benefits and implications” of the plan, which was unveiled by Gov.…

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Christie backs overhaul of New Jersey’s university system

By James Osborne, Inquirer Staff Writer

Gov. Christie offered a proposal Wednesday to overhaul the state’s university system, merging schools from Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry, and creating a research university in South Jersey.

Rowan University – just 20 years ago a former teachers’ college known as Glassboro State – would take over Rutgers-Camden.…

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Christie Calls for Restructuring of Research Universities

Governor plans to create N.J. Health Sciences University in Newark, merge Rutgers-Camden into Rowan University

By Mark J. Magyar

Governor Christie yesterday outlined a sweeping overhaul of higher education that would create a New Jersey Health Sciences University in Newark to replace UMDNJ, place Newark’s University Hospital under nonprofit management, and fold Rutgers-Camden and its law school into Rowan University to give South Jersey its own research university.…

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Stile: University overhaul includes prize for kingpin

New Jersey’s Uni-Government – Republican Governor Christie’s alliance with Democratic Party power brokers – has run the table in Trenton for the past two years.

It is the source of Christie’s “bipartisan” success. It has also maintained a rare period of detente between the Democratic factions in the northern and southern parts of the state.

That axis of pragmatic power ground out another long-sought byproduct Wednesday, a sweeping plan to restructure New Jersey’s university system, which includes a valuable prize for South Jersey Democratic kingpin George Norcross, whom many consider one of the most powerful, unelected charter members of the Uni-Government.…

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Don’t merge Rutgers-Camden, Rowan University

By Margaret Marsh

On Wednesday, the University of Medicine and Dentistry Advisory Committee recommended that Rowan University and Rutgers-Camden “unite under the Rowan name.” The goal of such a merger would be “to support Cooper Medical School of Rowan University” and “develop a comprehensive public research university.”

I would like to offer a different view, shaped by my unique privilege of having served as Dean of Arts and Sciences for more than a decade and as interim Chancellor of the Camden campus for more than two years as well as my experience in other institutions of higher education.…

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Dramatic restructuring of N.J.’s university system would create 3 research campuses

TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie unveiled a dramatic restructuring of New Jersey’s university system Wednesday that would break up the state’s medical university while creating a major new public research campus at Rowan University in South Jersey.


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