Rutgers-Camden, Rowan may marry, but they should keep their names

Kevin Riordan, Inquirer Columnist

Gov. Christie’s proposal to “merge” Rutgers-Camden and Rowan University under the Rowan name looks less like a collegial partnership and more like a hostile takeover. Or perhaps a shotgun wedding.

Whatever you call it, the plan – part of an effort to reorganize, if not revolutionize, higher education statewide – feels like a foregone conclusion.…

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Rutgers-Camden students mobilize to oppose Christie’s merger plan

By James Osborne, Inquirer Staff Writer

Amid the throngs of students filling the campus center at Rutgers-Camden on Monday, one weaved in and out, slipping a flier into their hands.

It wasn’t advertising a fraternity party or a lecture; it contained instructions on how to oppose Gov. Christie’s plan to take their school out of the Rutgers system and merge it with Rowan University:

Sign an online petition, e-mail government officials, and so on.…

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Inquirer Editorial: Rowan merger with Rutgers-Camden makes sense

The third time could be the charm for the long-debated realignment of New Jersey’s major university, with the added bonus that this time South Jersey will get a chance to compete for top academic honors.

Gov. Christie’s ringing endorsement Wednesday of a plan to have Rowan University take over the Camden campus of Rutgers University — while the University of Medicine and Dentistry merges with Rutgers — could jump-start hopes of making better sense of the state’s sprawling higher-education network.…

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Christie backs overhaul of New Jersey’s university system

By James Osborne, Inquirer Staff Writer

Gov. Christie offered a proposal Wednesday to overhaul the state’s university system, merging schools from Rutgers University and the University of Medicine and Dentistry, and creating a research university in South Jersey.

Rowan University – just 20 years ago a former teachers’ college known as Glassboro State – would take over Rutgers-Camden.…

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Merger proposed for Rowan, Rutgers-Camden


Gov. Christie announced plans Wednesday to overhaul the state’s university system, merging schools from Rutgers and the University of Medicine and Dentistry and creating a research university in South Jersey.

The plan would shift whole schools between university administrations and potentially mean staff layoffs, a possibility Christie did not rule out at a news conference Wednesday in Trenton.…

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States weaken teacher tenure rights

Kimberly Hefling, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON – America’s public school teachers are seeing their generations-old tenure protections weakened as states seek flexibility to fire teachers who aren’t performing. A few states have essentially nullified tenure protections altogether, according to an analysis being released Wednesday by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

The changes are occurring as states replace virtually automatic “satisfactory” teacher evaluations with those linked to teacher performance and base teacher layoffs on performance instead of seniority.…

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Parents: New education bill would hurt public schools

By Samantha Henry, Associated Press

JERSEY CITY, N.J. – Education activists and parents rallied Wednesday against a bill that would allow the use of taxpayer-funded vouchers for religious and private schools, calling it “a backdoor way to privatization” of public schools.

Several said the program would drain resources from poorer districts and undercut initiatives aimed at improving public schools.…

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Ex-Chairman Archie and State Rep. Evans maneuvered over who would get MLK High contract, a report asserts

Martha Woodall and Susan Snyder

Inquirer Staff Writers

State Rep. Dwight Evans and Robert L. Archie Jr., former chairman of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission, waged a relentless Godfather-style campaign to ensure that a New Jersey nonprofit would win a contract to manage Martin Luther King High School and, when that failed, pressured the Atlanta company that won the contract to back out.…

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In New Jersey, oversight of higher education is up in the air

Matt Katz, Inquirer Trenton Bureau

Unions representing employees at colleges and universities say Christie has ignored the law that empowered the commission.

“What we considered to be the practice of democracy seems to be breaking down,” Susanna Tardi, a professor at William Paterson University and executive vice president of the American Federation of Teachers in New Jersey, which represents faculty and other staff.…

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