Christie plan for university reshuffling means another chapter for Rowan

GLASSBORO — Twenty years ago, Rowan University’s reputation was synonymous with its teachers college, which prepared hundreds of elementary and special education instructors for South Jersey classrooms each year.

Back then, the school in Glassboro was known as Glassboro State College, and students looking for a bustling college town with a robust nightlife or a research institution with endless courses of study had to look elsewhere.…

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Another Round at Rutgers

Catherine A. Lugg, a professor of education and treasurer of the faculty union, believes, as do others, that the university’s trajectory toward big-time sports began with a few outspoken members of the Board of Governors who wanted Rutgers to become a football powerhouse — and the power and tunnel vision of those members made voices of opposition irrelevant, they say.…

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Rutgers faculty decry spending on athletics

The Record

The faculty union at Rutgers University is crying foul after a report this week that the school’s athletic department got $27 million in annual subsidies while pay for professors and staff was frozen and student fees were hiked.

Rutgers’ drive to build a big-time football program has soaked up considerable resources over the past decade.…

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Rutgers Athletics Grow at Expense of Academics

Rutgers Grows Athletics, Trims Academics
By Curtis Eichelberger and Oliver Staley – Aug 16, 2011 12:00 AM ET

Aug. 16 (Bloomberg) — Rutgers University students and alumni talk about about the New Jersey state university’s increased funding for its sports programs amid cuts in the school’s academic budget. The 245-year-old university spent more money on athletics than any other public institution in the six biggest football conferences during the 2009-2010 fiscal year, based on data compiled by Bloomberg.…

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