Rutgers: Pay what you owe

McCormick’s speech was repeatedly interrupted by heckles from members of Rutgers’ faculty and staff unions protesting a pay freeze. Union members stood in the rear of the packed room holding “Pay what you owe” signs.

Union leaders said Rutgers officials violated employee contracts when the university canceled their raises and froze their pay in June 2010 due to budget problems.…

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Rutgers Unions Tell Board to Honor Contracts

Coalition approach wins concessions limiting tuition increase
AFT Rutgers members of the Union of Rutgers Administrators staff local and the Rutgers AAUP/AFT faculty local coalesced with students and other campus unions to call on the Board of Governors to honor agreements executives breeched by cancelling negotiated raises and limiting tuition increase. The Board responded by cutting outgoing Rutgers President McCormick’s proposal for a tuition increase in half and promising to further examine the unions’ position.…

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