Education union files unfair labor practice charge

[…] Donna M. Chiera, president of AFTNJ, suggested the administration was engaged in union busting.
She asked, “Why would Ocean County College refuse a settlement proposed by a neutral third-party based on an independent analysis of an institution that continues to grow in every area other than salaries for unionized workers?”

Michael Putnam, president of the OCC Federation of Professional Administrators, said in a prepared statement that his union had offered several different contract proposals and each was met with a resounding “No” from the administration.…

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Ocean County College Staff Standing Up as Management Fails to Bargain

Unfair Labor Practices Charge Filed: 51-member unit passed over for raises executives award themselves

EDISON…The largest higher education union in New Jersey has filed unfair practices charges against Ocean County College (OCC) faulting resistant management there for ignoring an impartially recommended contract settlement while continuing to take raises for themselves. Despite having the highest paid community college president in New Jersey in the $222,200 Jon Larson, OCC management rejected the recommendation of an impartial factfinder that suggested the school grant modest increases in a three-year contract and maintains an inflexible position.…

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