Abeigon explains NTU’s position on remote learning

With the latest round of remote learning in Newark public schools set to end Jan. 18, Newark Teachers Union President John M. Abeigon has issued the following statement:

“This pandemic has tested every single person in Newark, and I have an extra degree of empathy for the working parents of the children who attend our city’s public schools. They are committed to their families and their jobs, and we understand that online learning can be a challenge. Whenever there’s a surge in COVID cases, any call for online learning is rooted in our belief that schools have to be as safe as possible to protect students, parents and the dedicated professionals working in our schools, not a disregard for other professions or the economy.

“We will continue to closely work with the Newark school district and the community at large to keep schools open. At the same time, our educators and paraprofessionals will continue their great work in addressing the social, emotional and educational needs of our students.”