AFT teachers

Diane D’Amico, Staff Writer

Public school teachers in New Jersey make less money than other full-time employees, according to a report released this week by the Economic Policy Institute.

But the disparity is at least partly due to the fact teachers overall work fewer weeks per year than other professions.

Teachers also get more of their total compensation as benefits than private-sector workers, although the gap is closing.

According to the report, developed using U.S. Census data, the average annual wage of teachers in New Jersey from 2012-14 was $68,301, compared with $82,223 for other full-time employees, or a 17 percent difference.

But most full-time employees reported working an average of 51.2 weeks per year, while teachers reported working 47.5 weeks a year, or 7 percent less. Teachers also reported working about two hours per week less than other full-time workers.

The report’s author, Jeffrey Keefe, said the large number of weeks teachers reported working could include working summer school or other summer jobs.



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