monroe meeting 101017

By Chris Franklin

MONROE TWP. — The mold controversy that has become a concern for many residents who live in the Monroe Township School District found its way to the Williamstown High School auditorium Monday. The hall, which holds over 1,020 people was so packed that the township fire marshal had to tell people to line up outside in the hallways.

Earlier in the day, the school district announced that the every school in the district will be closed for the rest of the week as outside contractors begin surveying the school and seeing if mold is above acceptable levels in the district’s six buildings. The Holly Glen Elementary School was closed last Thursday after mold counts were deemed excessive.


“The task force was put together from three separate unions for information and to keep this from happening again,” said Victor Heggan, vice president of the Monroe Township Federation of Teachers Union Hall Local 3391. “We also wanted to make sure there was quality testing and get the factual information out to the public,” Heggan added. “We want to stop this from happening again.”


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